Thursday, 21 March 2013

Tuscana-A Slice of Italy


It's probably the most detailed review I've done, it might be slightly long, but it definitely critiques the restaurant for few dishes from each category.
To say the least, they changed the way Italian food is served in Chennai!
I'm one of the many who grew up in a time where pizzas were usually made only in fancy bakeries(Hot Breads)and they would come in palm sized bases with only ketchup and cheese. How excited my brother and I would get when my mum say's lets get pizza!
And yes, We've evolved a lot since then with Pizza Corner, then dominoes and pizza hut and we thought it couldn't get better than that. Now I'm not saying these places were bad, but we dint really get the real deal, did we?
Food, ambiance and a good time:
Tuscana on Chamiers is in a building that was a posh bungalow with a garden and a small drive way. The restaurant is not protected by any wall or gate in the front. The entrance is a wood arch way that leads to the door. Seating in Tuscana is broken up into multiple rooms on the left and right and on the first floor. But honestly, my favourite room is definitely the last room on the ground floor, which has a glass window that over looks the garden at the back with the live pizzeria. Nothing like watching your pizza dough fly up in the air, get dressed with toppings and whacked into the wood fired oven.
The ambiance is simple and classy. A mix of dim and bright lighting if you no what I mean and sparkling cutlery make the place look stunning.
I always have something new at Tuscana and it always works!
Lasagne Beef

The lasagne dint look pretty, but it wasn't supposed too. Thin lasagne sheets layered with juicy beef, cheesy béchamel and melted cheese on top, served in the same dish it was baked in. It tasted divine and was comfortable portion for an average person. But it was a tad less for me!
Filetto di Manzo
Filetto di Manzo is a beef steak that's served with a jus (Red wine mixed with liquid that comes out of the meat to form a sauce)which is packed with flavour from the meat, and some vegetables sautéed with something like a chunky tomato sauce is served on the side. The beef steak can be done rare medium or well done. My steak was a medium and was pretty decent, not the best steak I've had but definitely no where close to the worst.

Frutti di Mare

Now we talking!
The whole point of going to Tuscana was for their pizzas, overtime I tried everything else on the menu and felt content. But what really keeps me going back for more are their divine pizza's.
I think I've given enough gyan for one review, So the point is, Almost every pizza on that menu is fabulous. My favourite pizza's are:
Siciliana is hands down their most ordered pizza and their best according to me.
Margherita is traditional and simple, but a little too simple for me.
Astha- It's a refreshing change to a pizza. Its like an Indian Paneer butter masala gravy as the sauce for the base. It has big chunks of paneer tikka as topping with veggies, garnished with coriander leaves and curd. Must try!
Funghi- If you like onions and mushroom, go for it!
Non- Vegetarians:
Diavola hands down! A pizza is not a pizza if it's not pepperoni. The entire pizza is covered in pepperoni and served with some Jalapenos on top.
Porforio is also a good bet if you enjoy Pancetta strips(Pork). The only part I dint like too much was the avocado( Personally not a fan). I usually substitute broccoli for it.
Frutti di mare is not consistent, but when the seafood is fresh. It's a winner.
Americana is again one of the highest ordered pizza's, its not a red sauce base but a pesto base pizza. Unlike the above pizza which uses bacon, Americana uses chicken which is one of the reasons why it's very popular.
Gluten free:

A big step for all the people allergic to Gluten( Maida, barley, rye all have it).
Made completely without gluten on a separate board. Its baked also on top of a slab in the wood fired oven so it doesn't mix with flour on the floor of the oven.
Other dishes that were top of the line:
Pasta di Manzo(Beef)
Pollo affumicato (bacon and chicken)
Caesar Salad(Chicken)
Caps Mushroom
Kids Meal.

 I'm still wondering if I have a sweet tooth or no, all I know is all their desserts are nice, but their Tiramisu and plain Panna cotta are fabulous.
They haven't failed to look at every possible guest and their needs, so since the panna cotta has gelatin which is considered non-veg, they have an espresso panna cotta which is used making agar-agar for the pure vegetarians.
Espresso Panna Cotta


Baked Cheese Cake
Panna Cotta
 What do I think?
Tuscana is an Italian heaven in every possible way, The pizzas are the best bet along with their desserts. Tuscana on Chamiers is more spacious I think and has a bit of Krypto's menu in it, which means you have a wider choice. The pastas, lasagne and steaks are top notch as well.
Address: 89, Chamiers Road, Opposite IN Gate of Park Sheraton,
Nandanam, Chennai
Phone No: 044 4500 0008
Cost for 2: 1500/-


  1. Thank you for a detailed review. I sincerely appreciate it. I actually did enjoy going through all details that you have meticulously explained. Cheers.