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Pizza Republic- The start of a revolution!

NOTE: I have just added this to mention this review was written a month before i joined Pizza Republic. It is an unbiased Review, in fact this review made me approach them to be professionally linked to them.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no wait… it’s pizzaaaaaa republicccc! Yes yes , I know that was cheeeeesy. But that’s the way it is, even in pizza republic!

I honestly have no clue where to start, the pizzas, the concept, the pricing, the value for money, the owner himself? It’s all a couple of notches higher than their competitors.

Pizza republic had humble beginnings and started less than a year ago, and the first thing that came to my mind was yet another pizza chain that’s going to make us empty our wallets and pay through our nose for assembly lined pizzas! And boy was I proved wrong, really wrong!

PR as they are called today started in Taramani and since their first outlet began, they have created a wave in Chennai! The food critics, the foodie community and social media were all talking about it.

Most of all, the company grew with an owner who promised changes according to the people, and these changes weren’t made after a half yearly or quarterly meeting, It changed overnight- Quote me!

The Food:

Unlike most restaurants, they do not have plates and hence do not need staff to wash up and there’s definitely no wastage of water. They give you a pizza takeaway/delivery box which has a template paper stuck on it. The paper is divided into two sides. The left side being a list of pizzas already tried and tested and is like a fixed menu. The right side had a list of items that can be ticked off to make your own personalised pizza. The base, level of juiciness, spice, cheesiness and the toppings can be chosen according to your whims and fancies. My personal suggestion is, always tick the level of juiciness as really juicy. That’s when you get golden brown cheese and the pizza is not dry. Look Below to get a better understanding of the make your own pizza concept.

The Chain does not have different size pizzas but follow a standard size of around a medium pizza that can be polished by two people and makes a meal for two if a salad or burrito is ordered alongside. The pizzas are cheesy, soft and extremely flavourful.

And for those of you who are not in the mood for a pizza, do not worry! Pizza republic has burritos, salads, pizza muffins which are light on the wallet and heavy on the stomach!

The non-veg burrito and salad are my personal picks and cost a meagre 89/- each.


It’s simple d├ęcor, natural brightness for all their outlets make the place look lively.

My Verdict: The place has started a revolution. It’s easy on the wallet heavy on the stomach. Age is definitely not a barrier when you want to go to PR. It’s become an everyday option for a lot of office goers near Taramani cause it’s that cheap when you share it with another person. His dream is to make the pizzas as close to free and boy is he there!

Finally, I have never in my life seen an owner more committed and ready to accept what the people have to say about his food, without questioning them a single time or defending himself. The only thing you are going to hear from his mouth is- If you are not satisfied 100%, I have sent you a replacement coupon! Kudos to the man and his humble company!

An average non-veg pizza if made by yourself would work out around 190/-

They have outlets presently in




Food-           4 ½ star

Service-       4  star

Experience-4 ½ star

Number to contact-Rama Krishnan 8940129124

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