Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Brownie Heaven- Have we finally found Brownie Paradise?

Disclaimer: Cut my writing skills some slack. I'm a full blown foodie!!
Note: Pics flicked from Zomato because we did not have patience to take pics.

Lets be honest, Aren't we sick of having stale chocolate cakes with nuts that have got so much moisture that it doesn't even crunch up when you bite into them, and that's exactly what's sold in the market today as a brownie! Casa Dolce for the time being at least only specializes in one thing, Brownies and boy have they hit the right spot on my palate.

Made some calls to Casa Dolce, had to make a choice of what brownie i would like to have, got so confused and was offered an assortment of what they had and said yesss without thinking! You can either pick it up from Multiple locations that are close to your place ( Egmore or Mogappair). I think they even deliver to other places if it's a good order.

So I got my brownie package in a neatly packed white box with the company logo and a stack of assorted brownies i could see through the transparent plastic wrap on top.

As soon as dinner was done, the brownies came out with all the cousins sticking their hand in to get a piece of each brownie.

And the moment of truth, which was the best brownie??? We couldn't decide!!! Every damn brownie tasted fabulous and each of us had one that was our favorite.

The brownies that came in the assortment were the blondie( a white and dark chocolate layered brownie), the chocolate brownie( a chocoholic's dream) and the brownie with nuts.

Honest opinion, loved each one of them, but the one with the nuts was my favorite pick. The nuts were not to many but just enough and would come in small mouthfuls just when it gets slightly sweet and cleanses your palette.

The sister loved the blondie for its white and dark mix and worked for her, the majority loved the plain old school, chocolate brownies that had everything to look for in a perfect brownie.

Nice crust formation on top, lovely gooey brownie in the center and perfect sweetness to finish a brownie without feeling sick.

They apparently do bulk orders for birthdays, events, parties or get-together's. Chennai has needed a place like this for long.
Feedback: Open a store or at least increase delivery in multiple locations across Chennai so it's easier for people on other parts of town, cause i sense a storm coming!

So a big thumbs up and kudos to the Casa Dolce team. I'll be coming back for more!

http://www.casadolce.in/home.html#.UsxkxoZ8hTw.facebook or just search for Casa Dolce on Zomato.

The link above is to get to their page and order. They have delivered brownies to Hyderabad, Delhi, Bangalore and usually are booked weeks in advance, Who knew about this hidden jewel in Chennai?
What better gift this Valentine than a box of Chocolate fudgy brownies!

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